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Writing for us

Writing for us is simple. Just pick a topic you like - such as style - and write somthing about it. Yes, you are reading this right, and it really is that simple. 

There are, however, a few rules. If you follow them, it puts a smile on everyone's face. *smile!*

House rules:

1. You've got to write about something that's "current" and "up-to-date", as well as intresting. What we mean by this is, you've got to write something that people are going to find fun and intresting. For example, if you're writing about celebs, write about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris - not about something that happend 10 years ago. 

2. No nasty words. No one wants to read these, do they? If these are seen, we won't put the article on here and you won't be allowed to write for us again. Simples!

3. We know we'll see some cracking articles. And that's a good thing. If you do choose to write for us, you've got to be able to at least write 5 (five) articles a month. This is because we need to keep updating the website with all the latest trends and hot topics. If you cannot manage this for whatever reason, just let us know. 

4. You CAN write articles at anytime and send them to us. The more, the better. 

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